Science Education for Middle School, High School, and Junior College Students Using Magnetic Resonance

The Steppingstone MAgnetic Resonance Training (SMART) Center’s purpose is to bring a research-based science experience to young, science-oriented students in order to meet our mission of "Exciting the next generation of scientists." It offers middle school, high school, and junior college students the opportunity to engage in research experiences that are usually only available to college students.

All under the guidance of a PhD physical biochemist, students will participate in an intense, one-week workshop in which they will learn how to utilize magnetic resonance spectrometers (EPR) (, develop a hypothesis to test, design an experimental protocol to test their hypothesis, conduct experiments using an EPR spectrometer, learn to analyze the data, and to reach a conclusion. After the one-week workshop, students will sign up for open lab hours each week to continue their research and conduct additional experiments.

Students will be considered for enrollment on a first come, first serve basis.

Download an application, fill in, and return to:

Steppingstone MAgnetic Resonance Training Center
Attn: Admissions
30250 Grand River
Farmington Hills
Michigan 48336
Phone: (248) 957-8200
Fax: (248) 957-8203.

Explore our website to learn more about how you can be a part of this science experience, or download our printable SMART Center brochure.