Introduction and proper instrument use

Example – vibrating string to explain resonance

Imaging coffee bean

Visual outcome, instrument building

Antioxidant properties of beverages

Data analysis, application to real world

Motion of molecules in sugar or glycerol vs water

Concept of microviscosity – what goes on at the molecular level?

Localization of signal inside cell or liposome

Concept of “inside” vs “outside” - accessibility

Broadening of signals with NiEDTA, CrOx, or oxygen

Data analysis, relaxation principles – accessibility

Measuring oxygen concentration

Real world application – cancer, metabolism

Solvent effects on hyperfine coupling

Water vs oil, cells – localization – where is the label


Dating of ancient pottery

Computer programming

Data analysis and data acquisition


Build actual devices such as a goniometer or imaging coils

Synthetic chemistry (make nitroxides)

Mathematics (data analysis)


Use what you know to ask new questions


How to make a poster and present it

Lesson Plans

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